Rate and Terms

Silverado Funding LLC is a private lender, providing funding for real estate entrepreneurs in need of expedited financing to acquire properties at substantial discounts.

Our lending services extend to contractors, builders, real estate entrepreneurs, and investors. Loans are short-term with a 1 year maximum. Interest rates and points vary by geographical area, differing loan conditions and transaction type.

Loan Terms
Rate: 11% – 12%
APR: 12% – 13%
Points: 1-6
Term: 6 months- 1 year, interest only
Doc Prep: $1,500 – $1,800
Prepaid Interest: 90 days – 180 days
Appraisal Fee: Paid by borrower – usually $900-$1,000
LTV: up to 75% of estimated after-repair value (ARV)
Borrower’s equity position 10% (3 months of interest collected out of this amount)
Rehab / Construction Funds: If applicable: funds will be held by lender and released in draws based on Disbursement Procedures.
Min Loan Amount: $50,000 in Oregon
Max Loan Amount: 1 million
Exit Strategy: Must have a well-researched plan for resale or refinance
Extension Period:
Additional Points (Prorated): 1-6
Term: 90 – 180 days, interest only

Let's Work Together

Silverado Funding works to exceed expectations with our commitment to the financial success of our borrowes and investors, through a variety of loan products.